This tips on buying a used car showroom

let me not be fooled Not a few people were disappointed after buying a used car. Many people are fooled because the car was purchased not in prime condition. How not to be disappointed buy a used car?
It’s not easy to buy a quality used car. Moreover, today more and more ways to change the quality used cars from bad to look good. Start of cars sold but the former flood, the mobil honda semarang former collision, until the documents turned out to be false. As a result, many buyers end up disappointed when it was put out money with no little amount.
The difficulty of identifying quality used cars prima also justified by the General Manager Mobil88 Fischer Lumbatoruan. “Identification of a used car is good is hard. Now the repair shop, saloon cars, are becoming more sophisticated. The car is already a week flooded, can be transformed so it looks nice. Buyers should be observant, minimal bought it in place credible,” said Fischer, on Thursday (26 / 2).
Fischer added the most risky used car is ever flooded. Especially in Jakarta, usually after flooding will many used cars are sold. Unfortunately, these cars are used cars flooding. Cars are now many use electrical component. If the flood of these components will be easily shorted.
“For example, ICU components that have been damaged flood. If it replaced expensive, usually it’s just a rogue player brain-tweaking it. While not visible but long-term buyer must pay dearly,” added Fischer.
Because it is not easy, the buyer must be more alert. Do not get disappointed and lose millions of rupiah for being fooled. Irawan Kusumo, used-car salesman in WTC Mangga Dua, North Jakarta, suggesting that buyers are not easily tempted by cheap prices.
“Usually in many newspapers that offer used cars at bargain prices. Mobkas cheap it is usually nothing. Can a car bulging, former impactors, former flooding,” said Irawan.
Despite the trading of used cars for 8 years, but Irawan also been deceived. He said he often offered a used car was not in top condition. Fortunately, Irawan can check the condition of the car she would buy. “I have to buy a really nice because I will sell the car again,” he said.
Based on advice from Fischer and Irawan, there are several things to consider when buying a used car:
1. Do not be tempted by low prices
As said Irawan, this time a lot of advertising in media that offers used cars with cheap prices. You should not be tempted by the prices offered skewed. Most ads in the paper the results are disappointing.
2. Buy in a trust
Do not buy a used car in any place. Especially in places wrought sales and illegal. Buy at the point of sale which already has the brand and indeed trustworthy. Place own brand (name) will try to maintain good name so that they do not want the buyer complained. Points can be trusted also usually dare to give a guarantee, even up to 100 percent money back if the car was bought turned out to be defective. They are also not arbitrary supply cars for sale. Usually they supply from companies that have a large car manufacturers.
3. Do not rush to buy
A used car buyer in exchange WTC Mangga Dua said that buying a used car should not bring his wife. According to him, women usually choose a car emotionally. Easily tempted with a great view. Though it looks nice it could be just outside.
“My survey when buying a car can be 2-3 times. Early most just bring 500 thousand. Let me not be tempted,” said the buyer who has twice bought a used car in the WTC Mangga Dua.
4. Check the condition of the body
Note the car body parts that may have been replaced. How can the Google check on the condition of the new car. Then compare it to a used car for sale. Checks ranging from inside and outside the car. For example the car door is ever replaced, make sure the width of the grout between the door and frame are the same width all around the door. When different, may it never crashes or broken.
5. Check the condition of the machine
To check the condition of the machine required qualified technical capabilities. The car is the former flood usually sound louder than a normal car. Or should you need to invite a technical to check. Currently the car repair shops also are increasingly sophisticated and computerized.
6. Check the vehicle documents
Currently the document used car lots bulging false alias. We suggest you are keen to letters existing vehicles. Before making a payment, vehicle registration check, BPKB, and other papers. You can photocopy the document and check it at the nearest Police.