Things to Avoid It When Use a Food Processor

Things to Avoid It When Use a Food Processor

Food processors are one of my mainstay tool while it is cooking in the kitchen. Honestly, I rarely mengulek materials own food because besides making sore hand, the result would not be as smooth as expected. She could not imagine when the food processor is not there AIRWAVE OVEN SIGNORA . Definitely bother deh ! Start of smoothing seasoning to the meat to be processed into meatballs can use a food processor . Practical is not it? But there are 5 things you should avoid when using a food processor .

Things to Avoid It When Use a Food Processor

1. Forget Push the Button Pulse

When using a food processor , you should not forget pressing the pulse because it can affect the results of the count. Button pulse is necessary especially if you put the hard food, like nuts. Simply press the pulse a few times until you get the desired result.

2. Incorporate Material Too Large

Food processors are able to destroy the groceries, but you should not put it in a size too big. Cut the groceries first, then insert it into the food processor . You should also gradually enter the food ingredient that can be processed optimally.

3. Wear it Too Old

Food processors can not be used in the time period too long, because the engine will be hot and long- eventually broken. You do not want it to happen right? If you need a food processorto crush food materials in large quantities, you should wait a while before using it again. At least let the engine cool first.

4. Use it for Materials Mixed Water

Even though the same function as the destroyer of groceries, food processor unlike a blenderand chopper . If you want to destroy the foodstuffs that require liquid or water, then you should use a blender. If you are still using a food processor , then the groceries will be spilled or overflowing.

5. Insert Materials Still Hot

You should not include food materials in warm climates to be destroyed in a food processor , because it can make a knife grinder so blunt. Not to mention the hot food will leave traces of oil in a food processor . As a result, the container will be more fragile and difficult to clean.

You need to remember that the food processor and blender are two different objects. Both also have different sizes and shapes. The knife in the food processor and blender also have different functions. Do not forget to take good care so durable and not easily damaged. Do not forget to always clean food processor after completion of use and also replace the blade when it is blunt.