Stages of Growing Infants 0-5 years of age

Each child will go through the various stages of growth and development as they live through life.

We can never be perfect parents and we can not go to a special school to be a parent or learn this from a textbook but we have to learn continuously with the children, until we finally find that what we have done, We as parents feel so beautiful the lives of our children in the end.

Although every child’s growth and development are basically the same, but we will also see that each child is unique and they will behave in a different way. Some children will be more easily independent (independent) than others and some other children may want more attention, this is just a process of growing up.

We will go through the most important stage here from childhood for children ages o months to 5 years old.

Some stages of development of children aged 0 to 5 years:

Infants aged 0 to 1 month usually babies sleep more, at the same time the sense of hearing began to develop, the sense of taste, touch and sense of vision. At the age of 2 months They will start to see colors and develop various sounds. And they too have started to play using the muscles, and more blinking eyes. Infant growth occurs at different stages in each child. Some children will look more advanced and start to crawl earlier than other babies, but on average a baby sits starting at about 6 months of age and crawling starting around the age of nine months.

Children Ages 1 to 2 years. At the age of 1 year the child will start learning to walk slowly, learning to recognize about everything around him. Motor control has begun to develop and children have started to learn to hold crayons and learn other art. They will be angry when they are taken from their parents, have started also can eat themselves and they do not want to listen to too much orders.

Children aged 18 months, they generally have started walking steadily using their feet, and in some cases they have been able to kick the ball, the development of vocabulary has also been increased.

Children aged 3 years, they have started to ride a three-wheeled bicycle, kosa katanyapun will always increase and the structure of the sentence also has begun to take shape, this is why the book is very important at the age of 3 years, they have started to see the logic, and the reason was Have started running when they start doing hal2 like building a logo, and putting things together, and we’ll see that they will think long and hard about certain tasks.

Children aged 4 years, at this stage of age, they often feel frightened, for example they may be afraid of the dark, and they will begin to learn to share and play with other children.
Children aged 5 years, motor development will begin to increase, such as how they jump, and run the toy will be different at every stage of growth. They already have a sense of responsibility, a sense of remorse and a sense of pride in