Paper Bag or Plastic Bag

Plastic is a packaging product that is very popular today, but behind the ease of saving a lot of potential that is detrimental to our lives. Plastic bags or plastic bags are much better known than cetak paperbag or often known as paper bags as well as, almost a household consume that is now irreplaceable, the dangers of plastic materials that are hard to recycle and decompose by the earth.

You definitely need the presence of shopping bag to carry enough groceries. Visiting the shopping place is often get a plastic bag to wrap the purchased items. Unfortunately, although the practical use of plastic materials is certainly not safe and good for the environment. As a form of concern for the health of the surrounding environment and help minimize global warming.

You should take art paper bag wherever you go to bring goods or food purchased. Art paper bag has many advantages compared with other type of shopping bag, while the advantages include:

1.Can be used for long-term use because the material is durable.

2.The attractive and beautiful look fits taken to a luxury shopping place though.

3.Material is more environmentally friendly and lightweight so as not to burden when brought.

4.The base of manufacture of art paper bag is also more diverse to suit the needs.

5.Easy to get for free from various events or shopping in certain places. With a paper bag in hand you can shop and walk at once comfortably because the design of this papar bag is more fashionable than ordinary plastic bags.

The shape is basically simple without buttons or but only a box without a cover. But with this form without a lid allows you to enter the grocery items. In addition to shopping can be used for other purposes, so take advantage of shopping.

Some plastics are made of oil and obviously this has an adverse environmental impact. Plastic also requires a lot of energy for the manufacturing process. The greatest energy used in making plastics is electrical energy. Plastic can also be recycled, but it takes time and process long enough.

While the paper comes from trees, trees are a renewable resource. Paper takes a lot of energy during the production process. According to some sources, in the process of making paper requires 14 million trees for 10 billion paper shopping bags. Means that paper can also be detrimental to environmental sustainability, where the paper making process reduces the number of trees so that absorption of carbon dioxide gas does not exist. Paper can be recycled and the recycling process also uses many of these chemicals proving that paper can also damage the environment.

One of the breakthroughs by providing cheap paper bag packaging becomes the solution for real environmental love movement both ready stock paper bag and custom paper bag. Through this paper, we strive not only to pursue the business advantage side but still struggle for the moral movement of love and care for the environment.

By introducing paper bags or paper bags as an alternative to plastic bag replacement packaging to the general public, paper provides the best choice by offering better, more unique packaging and enhancing your brand branding. It is then that paper bags or paper bags have more advantages than plastic bags.