Pandan Leaves For Health Benefits

Hair loss

Pandan leaves for health benefits, especially maintaining healthy hair. Hair loss it can be overcome by using pandanus leaves. Hair loss problem is a common problem experienced by people, not least by the people of Indonesia, to overcome hair loss by immediately using the 10 pieces of pandan leaves young people with a handheld leaf urang-uring and five leaves mangkokan and 10 petals Benga sekuntung jasmine and roses.

Clean and cut to taste, cook together half the sesame oil, walnut oil and coconut oil and apply evenly on the scalp, leave for one full night and wipe it clean the next day, for best results do regularly.

Black hair naturally

Benefits pandan leaves for hair, besides being able to overcome the problem of hair loss, and match leaves are also useful to help naturally black hair. Enough to boil some leaves of pandanus and embunkan cooking water until the next day, and then mixed with the juice of the noni leaf and then applied to the scalp and hair evenly. This natural herb is quite helpful to you who were planning to blacken your hair naturally.