Must Have Tool for Creating Capital Pastries

Must Have Tool for Creating Capital Pastries

Harga produk signora – The big day is getting close. If you usually buy or wait for conduction, this year try to occasionally try to make a cake or cookies themselves. Perhaps it requires little effort. However, when a jar Kaastengel you made turned out to be sold quickly exhausted couples, friends, or family, a sense of happiness that can be obtained directly remove all the tiredness. Interested to try? Here ‘flick’ surrounding the pie maker tools that can guide you make the cake more comfortable, with good results!

Must Have Tool for Creating Capital Pastries

1 / mixer ( Mixer )

In the household scale, handheld mixeris the most common type of mixer owned. Mixer is lightweight, easy to operate, and easy to be moved to anywhere in accordance with the desired stirring position. In the market, there are brands that have been at the same mixer bowl fitted with a stirring place. Only two types of mixers, and the spiral-shaped balloon whisk.

Mixer of this type can not be used to stir the heavy dough, such as bread dough. If you want to kneading bread dough to the mixer, you must have a stand mixer. This mixer type usually used by professionals in the field of bakery . Large capacity and can perform various kinds of work kneading the dough, ranging from mild to severe.
By using a stand mixer, Various types of pastries to bread dough can be mixed quickly.

Because of its good quality, the price is usually relatively expensive. Always sold one package, a mixer with a bowl made of stainless steel and tool mixers, amounting to 3, which is spiral for bread, shaped balloon whisk to batter cake , and paddle -like anchors for pie dough or bread.

2 / Whisk
Used to stir the batter light manually, such as egg whites or sauce. It looked like a stirrer in the mixer. Consisting of braided wire. The more wires the better the quality because the more air into the batter.

3 / container ( Bowl )
Places to knead the dough. Some are made of glass, stainless steel , ceramic, or plastic. Before use, make sure the container is completely clean or the shuffling process run optimally.

4 / Measurement
No measuring instrument in the form of scales, a measuring spoon or measuring cup. Its function is to help measure the ingredients in accordance with the provisions on prescription. To the scales, make sure when weighing must indicate the number 0. For measuring spoon, should be measured in the pressed state, and for measuring cup, put in a flat when they want to measure.

It consists of a measuring spoon sizes 1/8 to 2 tablespoons (tbsp). For maximum results, if in a written recipe 2 tablespoons cocoa powder, use this measuring spoon, not a regular tablespoon. Measuring cup used to measure liquid ingredients in units of milliliters or liters.

5 / sieves
Used to sift dry ingredients such as starches or cocoa powder so that no impurities come into the dough. Choose a fine filter in order to filter out more leverage.

6 / Spatula
Material spatula maker diverse, ranging from plastic, rubber, to wood. This spatula normally used for mixing or greasing spreads on the surface of the cake . For the rubber or plastic, choose a sturdy handle that is not easily broken, but pliable rubber or plastic parts to be easily moved about.

7 / Cutter
Cutter or dough cutter tool is multi-faceted, some round, flower shape, oval, or crescent. Usually made of stainless steelor plastic. Used to print the dough pastries.

8 / The bag Triangular
Pockets triangular shaped ( piping bag ) is in addition used to decorate butter cream and glaze on the surface of the cake, can also be used to print a soft dough pastries, such as a cat or sus tongue dry.
When used, the edges scissors (pointed), do not be too big. If the cut / cut plain, ready to be used for a form of decoration / dough is too plain. You can also put a syringe with a variety of motives in this section, for the results of different ornaments.

In order not to fall apart, put the dough in the bag prior to, cutting the edges correspond to the desired length. Put back into the bag already placed the tip syringe .

9 / Loyang
For the manufacture of cake or cookies, trays that are circulating now in the market is a pan made of stainless steel or nonstick pan . The latest is a pan made of silicon material, such as rubber or flexible plastic, but the heat resistant so it can be put in the oven. Silicone baking sheet usually colorful and does not need to be oiled again with margarine before use.

Loyang plastic material used for printing the dough jelly or pudding unnecessary baked in the oven.

10 / Oven
type oven is very varied, ranging from the simplest oven is placed on the stove, gas oven, until the electric oven. Before starting to make a cake, you have to know the characteristics of the oven will be used. Better, if the oven is newly purchased, first try a test that ‘relationship’ you closer.

As you begin to make a cake, so that the result is perfect, first preheat the oven to the desired heat conditions in the recipe. If using an oven placed on top of the stove, to determine the temperature, you need to buy a special thermometer. Bake the cake according to the time in the recipe. Always make sure you look at the time that the cake does not burn. If necessary, use a timer to avoid excessive .

Do not Forget!

  • After completion of use, soak the tools in hot water so that fats are attached quickly shed. Afterwards, wash and wipe them clean and dry.
  • Make sure all the equipment is completely clean time will be used. The remaining dirt and grease that sticks often interfere with the process of shaking the egg, especially when I want to whisk egg whites until stiff, so the results are not optimal.
  • After completion of use, clean the oven interior with a clean cloth. If there is a less pleasant odor, enter the coffee powder bowl and let stand for at least 1 hour so that the aroma of coffee is absorbed by the powder.