Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh

People are serious with water sports and choose a holiday in Sharm el Sheikh. The international water sports center is growing from a small fishing port to a resort that is now equipped with over 100 diving centers. Weather in Sharm is ideal for water activities. In summer, summer can be hot but winter, with an average temperature of 20-25 degrees C warm with water temperatures of 20-22 degrees C. These warm waters attract many tropical fish, which is why diving is so popular here Coral reefs The loose is the best in the world.

While enjoying a holiday in Hurghada, away from the beautiful beaches to sample some of Egypt’s traditional culture. Think about finding her past and consider visiting a Bedouin camp. There are many visits that usually involve a trip to the camp in 4×4, talking about the Bedouin way of life and relaxing in their tent on pillows and drinking Bedouin tea, which is sweet and flavored karimunjawa tour package with herb or Shisha or water pipes.

Then after the opportunity to ride a camel, you will be treated to Bedouin food. It is cooked on an open fire and usually consists of pitta bread, olives, pickles, grape leaves and Maqluba chicken, which are cooked upside down in a saucepan. After eating, you can relax while watching belly dancing. The night ends by staring at the night sky of the desert through a telescope on the beach. The desert is an ideal place to see the cosmos because there is no light pollution.

Naama bay holiday is ideal for kite surfers because the bay has a breeze and lots of sun. Kite surfing is becoming increasingly popular and many Red Sea resorts offer facilities for this energetic sport. Naama in Hebrew means ‘fun’ which describes the bay of Naama perfectly. There are many activities offered here, ranging from diving and snorkeling to cruise trips, or just seeing the marine life through the bottom of a glass lined boat. If you want to check the fish at eye level, then board the submarine on the Sinbad boat, with Captain Nemo in charge – It will be a memory that you will always appreciate.

Scuba divers and serious divers go on holiday in Sharm el Sheikh. As well as these two activities, there are also many other things that keep people happy. Desert safaris are popular where you can explore the mountains, remote oases and extensive sandy lanes from the comfort of a motorcycle jeep, 4 x 4, or a motorbike.

Adventurers who prefer to try a quad runner who is a four-wheeled motor with chunky tires, especially designed for off road conditions. One can also ride camel safari, the way the original Bedouins do it. Safaris generally take place on a cool day, either at sunrise or dawn. What better way to start your day than by watching the sun rise behind the mountain? Spectacular! Sharm El Sheikh has facilities for every sport you can think of, even golf, though of course, the emphasis is on water sports.