Choosing the Right Material to Make a Small Screen Boat

The first thing to consider when looking for a small sailboat plan is what type of material you will use. There are three main types of materials used for shipbuilding: marine plywood, wood, and fiberglass. While marine plywood jual blockboard and wooden plans may be the same, fiberglass plans will likely be unique to fiberglass

It is important to know the advantages and disadvantages of each building material before choosing which one to use and the small sailboat plan you will buy.

Sea plywood

Marine Plywood is a great material for small sailboats. It is easy to work with and cheap compared to wood. It is also available in most areas, where wood species are only available in areas where it grows naturally. If a species is available outside the area where it grows natively, there may be a steep premium in it.

Marine Plywood is just a piece of veneer, or a thin strip or wood, glued on top of each other. It is important that you purchase sea-grade plywood as opposed to standard plywood because of the quality and waterproof glue used.

Another disadvantage to sea plywood is that if it is not sealed properly, then the wood can be stirred and crushed when placed in water. If you follow the instructions that accompany your small sailboat plan, this risk can be minimized.


There is nothing like the original wooden beauty when making a boat from your small sailboat plan. The granular pattern makes each board unique. You can also mix contrasting wood for different effects, and when you add the ability to stain wood with a unique, color combination is literally endless.

People with sailing experience will say that wooden sailboats are denser than boats made of plywood or marine fiberglass.

Wood is also the most easily replaceable material for renovation or repair after the ship is completed.

If you are environmentally conscious, you guessed it, using wood to complement your small sailboat plan is the best for the environment as well.

The biggest disadvantage of building your sailboat out of wood is the cost. Depending on the type of wood, it may be the most expensive option. Like plywood, if the wood is not sealed, damage can result from movement or wood rot.


Using fiberglass to complement your small sailboat plan is another option. Fiberglass is very light and can be almost as durable with other options. There are different skills to work with fiberglass rather than working with wood or plywood, so if you’re not an experienced carpenter, and you do not want it, this might be your choice.

Fiberglass will make your stomach into one piece, so fixing it can be difficult. Also, when you use fiberglass to plan your small sailboat, it can degrade over time.

Building a sailboat is one of the greatest projects a craftsman can do. Choosing the right ingredients before choosing your small sailboat plan will give you hours of enjoyment in the store and many years of enjoyment on the water.