Tips for Building a Simple Home

The house where we live and settle, take refuge from the natural influences around us, and also the place where we rest ourselves after being tired of daily activities. Home is also the place where most of our activities take place. We eat and drink indoors at all times. We also sometimes work and play […]

8 Living Styles for 8 Different Personalities

8 Living Styles for 8 Different Personalities The living room is becoming more and more the place where families gather to talk about the day or simply relax in front of the TV. One could say that this environment now shares with the kitchen the role of the ‘heart’ of the family. For this reason […]

6 Intelligent Solutions for Earning Kitchen Space

6 Intelligent Solutions for Earning Kitchen Space A small kitchen does not have to be an excuse to create a chaotic, overcrowded, and inefficient space. Indeed, for interior designers and architects, a small kitchen represents a challenge full of opportunities to be filled with intelligent ideas in the choices regarding the distribution of spaces, the […]

Norwegian Mountain Cabin Retreat Design Designed for Extreme Weather

Having a cabin is not only about architectural design but also its protective exterior like Norwegian mountain cabin retreat design designed for extreme weather. This cabin is designed to protect you from extreme weather hazard like avalanche, ice storm, hail, or heavy snow. However, due to its function as armor, it should be designed and constructed […]

White Only For Living Room!

White Only For Living Room! common in the ideal the shabby-chic is defined and characterized by white, in its most complete palette. This appears true in part, because of the versatile character that sometimes this trend presents, especially depending on who applies it to their own home. The light colors are absolutely suitable and indeed, […]

You Have A Convivial Space

You Have A Convivial Space Lunches and dinners are also used to share moments of intimacy and conversation that often extend well beyond their scheduled time. For this to happen in the best way, it is necessary that the dining room is always a comfortable space, nice to live long, at any time of the […]