Benefits Seed Durian – For Health  

Durian is one type of fruit that favored sekalgus hated by the wider community. Many are like large fruit with skin and sharp spines yan gkeras it because it tastes good and supposedly legit and addictive anyone who eats it. Well for those who do not like the smell of durian is usually due to the durian fruit is extremely pungent and nauseating, so many people are anti fruits whose real name is Durio Zibethinus.

The fruit is widely seen, especially in the continent of South and Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia and Thailand.

durianBerikut seeds benefits is the scientific classification and the nutrients contained in fruit durian:

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: malvales
Family: Malvaceae
Genus: Durio
Species: Durio Zibethinus
Nutrition Per 100 grams of durian flesh:

Energy: 147 kcal
Carbohydrates: 27.09 g
Protein: 1:47 gr
Fat: 5:33 gr
Cholesterol: 0 gr
Fiber: 3.8 g
Folate: 36 mcg
Vitamin A: 44 IU
Vitamin C: 19.7 mg
Sodium: 2 mg
Potassium: 436 mg
Calcium: 6 mg
Copper: 0207 mg
Phosphorus: 39 mg
It is the content of durian flesh. Is it only the fruit that contains nutrients that are good for the body? Apparently, not only the fruit, but the seeds of durian part itself has good benefits for the body tablets. Benefits durian seeds is quite high for the purposes of health and various other foods. Here are some benefits that are owned by durian seeds:

As a durian tree regeneration
Durian is a type of tree that grows from the seed. When you are satisfied eating durian, you can utilize some durian seeds for replanting. Although it takes a long time, but when it grows large, durian tree will have benefits, especially for the vegetation and the environment where they grow durian tree.

As a snack
Has anybody ever tried durian seeds are boiled snack? Perhaps you will be familiar with jackfruit seeds are boiled, but who would have thought, it turns durian seeds can be processed into boiled durian seeds, just like jackfruit seeds. Texture of durian seeds is almost similar to jackfruit seeds, with a texture that is savory and delicious, but tasted slightly sweet. Boiled durian seeds is sometimes also deliberately sold and processed by the restaurants and restaurants serving a menu – a menu that smell durian.

Seed durian chips
Benefits durian seeds which can be used for chips. For those of you who do not like the durian seeds are boiled, you can try other processed from durian seeds, which seeds of durian chips. Durian seeds were already clean cut – cut and processed in such a way that form the durian chips with a delicious flavor. Durian chips are usually sold in the store – the store by – by of derah which is a large producer of durian.

As a source of energy and power
In addition to the fruit, durian seeds can also be a source of energy for the body. This is because durian seeds contain starch that is high enough so as to supply the needs of energy for the body. Durian seed, especially seed durian which can replace boiled potatoes, cassava, rice and even in terms of satisfying the needs of the energy needed by the body a day – day.